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Zapier is a simple service that allows you to connect and automate tasks with over 250 web apps. Zapier provides a 14 day free trial to test out their service before you purchase a subscription. You probably use apps to make your life a little easier online. Everything from organizing your emails, taking notes, creating lists, managing campaigns or staying connected to social networks are most likely done through various apps.

So since web users rely on their apps it would only make sense for those apps to sync together to automate tasks without the need for you to manually complete it. Unfortunately many apps don’t have that type of feature and this is where Zapier comes in. Zapier allows you to connect and automate apps so they can work together while leaving the middle man (aka you) out of it.

So basically, the apps you currently use allow you to collaborate, manage, market and communicate but those apps don’t “talk” to each other. Zapier lets your apps work together. You can create one to one integrate which they call “Zaps”. So you will be able to integrate the apps you love without writing code, hiring a developer, or wait around till the app itself allows you to sync to other third party applications. Zapier is primarily used for web marketing purposes but essentially many subscribers use it just to make their life online simpler.

Free Trial Details:

Zapier provides a 14 day free trial offer on all their plans. During the free trial period you will have access to all regular and premium apps, you will also be able to create unlimited zaps and tasks that will sync ever 5 minutes. You will NOT need a credit card to access the trial offer. After the 14 days trial period has come to an end you will be automatically switched to the free plan. You may also cancel or upgrade your subscription at anytime.

Examples of how Zapier Works

Here are some examples of how you can use Zapier.

  • Create notes from emails on Evernote.
  • For marketing you can add PayPal customers to a MailChimp list.
  • Add photos taken through Twitter to your Dropbox account.
  • Upload documents from your Google Drive account to your Gmail.

Still confused about Zapier? Perhaps this short introduction video will help.

How to get started

Creating Zaps: Getting Started is pretty straightforward. Once you sign up you will be asked to pick a profession that closely meets to yours. From there you will be shown your dashboard. Here is where you can create your Zaps. You will first have to create a Trigger Service. This is the service that Zapier will be retrieving the information from.How to Create a Zap

There are over 250 web applications to choose from so you can either browse through them or you can find a specific app by using the search bar. Some of the apps will be labeled as “Premium”, this means you will not be able access them unless you are a paying subscriber to that specific service.

Once you have selected the Trigger Service you will now have to pick the Action service. Both services will now be synced and automated to complete tasks of your choosing. Zapier explains creating a Zap as: When this happens… do this. If this seems like too much work for you can explore existing Zap templates to quickly get started.

The Zaps that you will be able to create will depend on the plan that you’re currently subscribed to on Zapier.

Connecting apps: After you have selected the apps that you would like to automate you will need to connect to the various accounts by logging in and granting access to Zapier to retrieve the information. Once you have connected your apps you can add trigger filters. This feature will take data from the Trigger service and add it to the Action service whenever the trigger filter caches something.

Setup process will take about 5 to 7 minutes per Zap.

Pricing and Plans

There are 4 different plans that you can subscribe too on Zapier. It would be ideal to select the plan that meets your needs.

Free: With this plan you will be able to complete 100 tasks and create 5 zaps a month. Retrieving data from your Zaps will occur every 15 minutes.
Basic: At $15 a month you will be able to create 20 zaps that will complete 3000 tasks a month. Zaps run every 15 minutes on this plan.
Business: This plan is catered to mid-size businesses that would like to automate up to 15,000 tasks on 50 zaps. Zaps will run every 5 minutes to collect information. The Business plan cost $45 a month.
Business Pro: At $99 a month you can automate 50,000 tasks on 125 zaps and retrieve the information on those Zaps every 5 minutes.

All plans come with a 14 day free trial so you will be able to try out the services before you purchase a subscription.


If you want to stick to the free plan but would like to automate more tasks you can complete some personal task and be rewarded with goodies on Zapier. Head over to the rewards page and check out all the various ways to gain more tasks on to your account. You can refer a friend, create a LIVE Zap, share a Zap, connect 5 services accounts, install the Zapier chrome extension or subscribe to their blog to gain more tasks.

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