Where are the Goods?

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Where are the GoodsSo that question arises quite a bit in the emails that Meoble.com receives. The simple short answer would be – there are not alot of  “goods” out there. We currently have a few free trials and offers on Meoble.com but no where near the number we would like to have. The reason for the lack of offers is due to the fact that many of the offers that you may see online today are NOT legit. Most of these offers are placed on spammy websites that are most likely not reliable. These offers either contain false statements and information which mislead visitors who are trying to obtain “the goods”.

We ONLY post quality offers to assure our visitors the best. The trials, offers and freebies that are posted on Meoble are from established websites/companies that are reliable and can be trusted. Offers that you see an other sites may not have the same standards that we do. We try to follow four sets of rules/guidelines before posting any new offers.

The Guideline to posting new offers:

  • Offers can not lead visitors to virus-filled websites
  • Information that websites collect can not be given out to third parties.
  • Offers can not have fine print that requires you to look there a magnifying glass.
  • Offers must have authorized security and customer service partners such as Verisign and BBB (Better Business Bureau) on there website.
When following these guidelines we assure all our visitors that the trials and offers on Meoble are safe, reliable and trust worthy. To find the best we scrape the net for legit offers that will have a long shelf-life and don’t expire in a day or two. We are looking for long-term offers that anyone can get at any time. So keep an eye out on our new “goods”, they’ll be arrive soon.

I like to save people money by blogging about free trials, premium offers and deals on various online services across the web.

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