What are Gamefly Monthly Subscription Plans and Prices?

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Many people seem be confused or curious about Gameflys monthly prices/cost. One of the most commonly searched terms on Google related to Gamefly is:

What are Gamefly Monthly Prices?

Most people are commonly confused due to the fact that a membership with Gamefly starts at $10 or the FIRST month but after the first month, monthly memberships cost more. Potential costumers get confused when they sign up and see that a regular monthly membership with Gamefly cost $22.95 for 2 games out at time or $15.95 for 1 game out at a time.

Below is a chart that explains how much a membership with Gamefly costs.

 Free Trial Membership ( 1 Game out)1 Game Out2 Games Out3 Games Out (Premium Members Only)*4 Games Out (Premium Members Only)*
Discounted Price for the first 1 to 2 Months30 days Free Trial$10 for 2 Months$20 for 2 Months$29.95 plus tax/month$36.95 plus tax/month
Regular Monthly Cost$15.95 plus tax/month$15.95 plus tax/month$22.95 plus tax/month$29.95 plus tax/month$36.95 plus tax/month


* 3-4 Games out at a time is only eligible for members with a good standing with Gamefly services for more then 60 days. – Premium membership

You should also know that their are different offers that are obtainable based the device you register on. For example, if you decide to sign up for Gamefly through your iPhone/Android device you will receive a notification that “you qualify for the mobile web 30 day trial.” This offer is usually available regardless of what device you are on, however, its always good to see a clear indication that you are receiving a discount.

If you register through your desktop computer you will be happy to know that you will get 1 month free from Hulu Plus as well. This is one the perks of signing up with Gamefly.

So the first month on each membership plan cost significantly less then the regular membership fee. When signing up for Gamefly make sure you pick the right package that fits your gaming needs. There are no late fees, shipping cost, due dates or any other additional charges to your membership.

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