Vdio Shuts Down their Beta Service but offers Amazon Gift Cards as a Compensation

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Vdio, the movie and TV streaming service has shut down. According to the information that has been posted on their homepage, it is the end of the Vdio beta. The reason behind the shut down is due to the lack of “… being able to deliver the differentiated customer experience that we had hoped for.”

Vdio was first launched as a beta to UK and US subscribers to the music streaming service Rdio back in April of 2013. The video streaming service was not based on subscription model but video on demand service. So basically you pay for what you would like to rent (stream). It was one of the potential competitors to Netflix and Hulu Plus.

This is the following message you will see on their homepage.

Vdio Beta Shut Down Message

For Customers of Vdio.

Here is some information that customers of Vdio should be aware of.

  • As of December 27, 2013 Vdio has ended their beta service and has shut down.
  • TV shows and movies will no longer be able to be streamed on Vdio.
  • All purchased TV shows and movies will be refunded to the customer.
  • Specific account information such as history, favourites, and Vdio sets will not be able to be retrieved.
  • Customers who have purchased video rentals or have unused credits will be refunded with Amazon gift cards that are equal to the total cost of the purchases and credits.
  • You can get into contact with a customer service representative at help@vdio.com.

Vdio will be remembered as the short-lived competitor to the major online streaming companies.

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