Uber Free Ride Codes for New and Existing Users (Toronto, New York, Los Angels and More)

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For those who don’t know what Uber is, it can be summed as the new way to commute. Uber allows you to ride in a car (owned by the average joe), from one destination to another. It can be called the discounted version of a taxi. However, everything is dealt through their app. One of the great benefits of Uber is that you can also get free rides time to time. Or you can get credits depending on where you live.

Uber releases some exclusive promo codes for riders to add on to their accounts to receive free rides or certain amount of dollars of credit. I know of some people who find and use these codes to basically travel anywhere within the city for free.

Uber does not offer free trials however they do give out free rides and credit to first time users. If you are interested in trying Uber and want to get a $15 discount off your first ride then sign up here.

Uber Promo Codes for First time Users (Free Rides and Credit based on Location and Events)

Below I will list as many promo codes as possible for Uber riders from different cities. This page will continue to be updated. I will also add the expiration date next to each code if they have one. Please be advised that some of these codes won’t work solely because of your location. Keep an eye on your payment section on the Uber app to see if the codes have been applied or not.

In most cases you will see a pop up notification indicating what action took place. If the code worked you will see a notification indicating that a credit has been added to your account. Also, the promotions do expire. So even if you’ve added them successfully to your account keep a close eye on when that promotion expires. Get the free rides as soon as possible!

FIRST TIME USERS ($15 FREE CREDIT)uberfree15x / Link (does not expire)



  • UberRoamTO
  • torontolife15

Los Angeles

  • fly

New York

  • fly
  • uberfree15x

Codes for Existing Riders

Bad news. Unfortunately, at this time Uber has not released any new promotion codes to use if you are an existing user.

Bookmark this page and I will update as soon as new codes are available for existing users.


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