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YouTube recently announced their new subscription service that they define as “The Ultimate YouTube Experience“. They call the new membership service YouTube Red. With YouTube Red, users will be able to get access to premium features that they once wished existed.

With premium features like ad-free viewing, offline mode, app switches, syncing and Background Play you can assume that many people are excited to get their hands on this.

Does it come with a Free Trial offer?

Yes! YouTube Red comes with a 30 day free trial offer. However, there are some restrictions. For one, only users within the United States will have access to YouTube Red. Second the service will only be available on October 28th, 2015.

Not much detail has been provided regarding the free trial but based on other service I can assume that users will have to use their credit card to gain access to the trial offer.

Click here to try YouTube Red for Free for 30 days.

Features on YouTube Red

YouTube Red can be summed up as the upgraded YouTube experience. It will give users what they been wanting for years. Here is what you get on YouTube Red:

  • Ad-Free Videos – No more annoying roll-over ads that you see before and even sometimes in the middle of the video. The ad-free feature has no restrictions, meaning you can watch YouTube videos without any commercials/ads on anywhere you sign in.
  • Watch Offline – This feature gives the user the option to download the video to watch later on their phone or tablet. With one tap on the download icon you will have the option to choose what quality of video that will be saved on your device to be watched at a later time. This will come in handy when your trying to save data.
  • Switch Apps – This is a feature I’ve been wanting forever. Whenever I’m watching a YouTube video and I’m also performing other tasks like messaging someone or reading an article the video pauses and won’t continue playing till I navigate back into the app. This is nuisance! However, with YouTube Red you can switch between apps and continue to play the video. This feature is also known as “Background Play”
  • Syncing – YouTube Red also syncs up with other Google apps like YouTube Music and YouTube Gaming.
  • YouTube Music – Ever want to just listen to music from YouTube? I am happy to know that this feature is also available in the new app. So, when you want to play music from YouTube and message someone or look on Instagram, you can do so, without the music pausing.

How Much does it Cost?

YouTube Red has only 1 plan and will cost $9.99 USD a month. However, if you are already subscribed to Google Music you will give full access to YouTube Red and vice-versa.

If you like to learn more about YouTube red you can check out the YouTube blog for information

Are you going to try it out?

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