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Sometimes, some of the most useful services on the web may not be accessible in your location. The service is simply just not available in your country. On top of not being able to access some sites, while you surf online your identity may be open to unwanted viewers and hackers. This can make you feel like you have no privacy while you use the internet. These two common problems can be solved by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while browsing the net. However, many of the VPN services that are available online are hard to configure and can cost a bit too much.


This is where Unblock-Us comes in handy. For the low cost of $4.99 a month you can bypass blocked websites and hide your identity online. The service also comes with a one week free trial so you can try it out and see if it’s worth the money. The service can be setup on multiple devices like iPads, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and even routers so you can surf the Internet securely anywhere.

I recently wrote an article about Cloak VPN services for Macs. While Cloak is only accessible on Apple products, Unblock-Us caters multiple devices despite their operating systems.

Unblock-Us does not slow down your Internet speeds unlike other VPN services. If you live outside of of America many web services like Spotify and Hulu are not accessible. The “faster smart VPN” unblocks those websites giving you access to them regardless of your location. This way you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and listen to streaming music regardless of geographical restrictions. You could also add a Google Chrome app to watch hulu from anywhere if you find this technology too confusing.

But speaking of TV shows, Unblock-Us can also be setup on your Smart TV and streaming boxes. So there is no need to connect your laptop to your TV via HDMI cable to view blocked sites.

Most offices and schools block certain sites through their network. Unblock-Us provides you access to those websites even if you are using their Network. The most common websites that are blocked are Facebook, Youtube, Netflix and Twitter. You will have access to all the social networking sites without being restricted by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Staying anonymous online is important to some people, especially when voicing their opinions. You don’t want to worry about whether or not you can share your thoughts and opinions on social networks like Twitter. Unblock-Us doesn’t protect you from not being tracked down but they give you access to Twitter and other sites where you can have free speech.

One Week Free Trial.

If you’re planning on getting Unblock-Us I would suggest you trying it out first. The service comes with a one week free trial offer. Luckily there is no credit card required to sign up for the offer. When the 7 day trial comes to an end you will get a email notification indicating the end of your trial run. If you’d like to continue to use Unblock-Us you will have to pay a fee of $4.99 a month. There is no obligation and can be cancelled at anytime.

How Does it Work?

Every computer or device that can access the Internet has IP address. Unblock-Us DOES NOT change your IP address. What they do is give you access to their DNS (Domain Name System). In layman’s terms, they give you an address that can retrieve the content that was once blocked. So basically it seems like the computer or device that you’re using is in one location when it’s really not. No more ISP or geographical restriction.

Learn how to setup Unblock-Us.

Setting up is pretty straightforward. There is no software/program needed to be downloaded or installed. The virtual private network works by simply changing your DNS settings which can be completed by following their guides.

On the How to Setup page you can learn how to configure your computer by watching their videos. Essentially you will have to go into your Internet options and change some settings but the tasks can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

When you first start your one week trial you will need to enter your email address. Once you have, you will notice a status bar. This status bar indicates whether or not you have successfully set it up on your computer. Follow the steps found on the status bar.

The following video shows how to setup Unblock-Us on a Windows 7 operating system.

A quick Q&A with a representative from

To find out more about the company I emailed the company with some basic questions that could help you understand what the service is all about. Kay, a representative from the company, responded within a few hours with very detailed answers to all my questions. Their customer support is by far one of the best.

1) In 1 or 2 sentences could you describe what Unblock-Us is in simple way?

“Unblock-US is essentially a service that people can use to tell certain websites that they’re in another country. All it takes is signing up with us, setting up your computer or device and boom – you’re there.”

2) Can you explain why Unblock-Us is needed for web users today?

“This annoying sentence is familiar to anyone attempting to gain access to US sites from outside the USA. It’s frustrating that people are prevented from doing so due simply because of where they live. Newspaper articles are aggregated by Google and available around the world, increasingly online music is available everywhere, web services like Facebook or Twitter are truly global – but still – some websites are stuck in the past.

People have gone to great lengths to access this content, including setting up VPN tunnels into the US hide where they are located. VPN’ing is complicated to setup, doesn’t work on most set-top boxes and worst of all is slow (due to re-routing traffic). Unblock-US was the pioneer of removing content restrictions through DNS re-directing, which only re-routes your connection to access supported unblocked services.

Saying that we not out there to circumvent paid subscriptions. We don’t give you something for nothing. Far far from it, we just enable our subscribers to see the content when they’re out of region – as would be the case when people travel for work, go on holiday etc. “

3) Why should I try Unblock-us?

“Because we rock. To see for yourself sign up for a week, no billing info needed, nothing to cancel if you don’t like it.”

4) Is my information and surfing history safe? Where is held?

“Privacy and security concerns are addressed in this article

5) What are the primary use (getting Hulu, Spotify, hiding your identity online)?

“You can check the list of sites we support here

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