Top 6 FREE Services that Monitor Your Website’s Uptime and Sends you Alerts

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When owning a website it’s important to keep it online for 24/7 so you don’t lose any visitors. However, most web hosting companies aren’t that reliable. To tell you the truth, out of the thousands of hosting companies out there, there are only a few that keep their promise of 99.9% uptime. Go ahead and look up some of the most popular hosting companies that you may be aware of, they all guarantee a uptime of nearly a 100% but in reality with issues like server crashes, DDoS attacks, abusive users on a shared servers the more chances that your website will go down.

There are plenty of issues that you may endure when being a paid subscriber to a hosting company and downtime is one of them. In some cases you probably don’t even know that your website is down unless the hosting company notifies you. Chances are that they won’t. This is where website monitors can help. Website monitors simply alerts you when your website is down, either through an app, automatic email or even a text message.

Website monitors keep an eye on your uptime and sends you alerts whenever your website is down. They also send you an alert when your website is back up and running. Some uptime services even provide the error that is found when visiting the website, such as 404, 503, server not found, etc, etc. Most site services also provide the number of minutes or hours your website was down for. Knowing how long your website was down is important. If this issue is continuous I would suggest switching web hosting companies.

I’ve compiled the top 6 free services that will monitor your websites uptime. Many of the services will also send you alerts whenever your website is down and back up again. These are completely free and won’t require any time or credit card information when signing up. Some of these services also come with a free trial for their premium plans which include alerts in various ways.

Top 6 Services that Monitor your Websites Uptime for Free

  1.  Site24x7: If your website ever crashes you can relay on Site24x7 to give you an alert that will notify you about your website downtime. You can monitor up to 1 website every hour. The service will send you an email if your website goes down. They also offer web page load time analysis and other webmaster tools for free.
  2. UptimeRobot: This is my favorite website monitoring service and I use it on as well. UptimeRobot is simple to setup and will send you email alerts whenever your website is down and back up again. You can also make the adjustment to the number of times you want to check your websites uptime. You can set it for intervals of 5 minutes or up to an hour. However, you will be limited to 50 checks a day.
  3. SiteUptime: You can monitor up to 1 website, get checks every 30 to 60 minutes, review uptime reports, check instant uptime with a push of a button and have access to other tools for $0 a month.
  4. Monitor.Us: This website monitor does it all and then some. Not only does check your uptime, but it also monitors email using SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols, webpage contents, and checks uptime of your website using HTTP, HTTPS, Pings and DNS. If this sounds confusion just know that it does it all for free.
  5. Pingdom: This is by far the most popular premium website monitoring service on the web but you probably didn’t know they offered a basic plan for free. With the Pingdom basic free plan you can monitor 1 website which will check uptime every minute. You can also get downtime and uptime notifications through email, app or SMS.
  6. StatusCake: Although the name of the service may be odd the tools they provide are very advanced, especially if you’re a paid subscriber. StatusCake offers a free plan which monitors 1 website and checks the status every 5 minutes.

These are the top 6 services that will check your websites uptime for free. There plenty of other site monitoring companies but out of the bunch these stick out as the best 6. If you would like to learn more of other services, Mashable has also listed 10 free website monitors.

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  1. Why have you chosen these monitoring tools? I for example, didn’t even pay attnetion to them when I was choosing my monitoring tool as they are too branded and I chose a nice less famous and great to clients tool Anturis, that is a cloud-based solutionwith all in one monitoring. The tool doesn’t create big names and brands and works effectively.

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