Top 4 FREE Password Managers with the Highest Level of Security

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Passwords are very important to your security, especially online. Remembering your password is one thing, but having a strong one is the key to keeping your information safe from hackers, spammers and other threats. We are all familiar with the person who uses the password “0000” or “password” or “123456”. These are worst used passwords according to SplashData and they are the most vulnerable to a breach.

Heartbleed is the new security flaw out there and it’s a big one. If you haven’t heard of it you can read a lengthy article all about it on a However, it can be summed up as a large security vulnerability that affects OpenSSL, which is used by the majority of web to securely send data. In simple terms, the information you once thought was secure cause you saw a little green lock on the corner of your address bar on your web browser, was not. Most of the web has taken note of the issue and has fixed it. However, there are many websites out there that are still not secure.

Remember, it’s important to have a strong password but, remembering those strong passwords is harder than creating them. This is where password managers come into play. They securely keep your passwords so you can retrieve them whenever you are about to log into an account on the web. I’ve listed the top free password managers that have the highest level of security built in so you know that your account information is safe and secure.

Top 4 Password Managers that are Free

SecureSafe: this company offers bank-level security for your files and passwords. SecureSafe is a Swiss company that offers multiple services all relating to security. They offer a free membership plan that provides you with 10 MB of storage and capability to store up to 50 passwords.

LastPass: This company is probably the most well-known password manager on the web. They offer user-friendly approach to a very technical realm of security. Their software is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and even Mobile phones. They also create passwords for you if you don't have the time to create a strong one. LastPass offers a free plan that you can store all your passwords on. Logging into accounts has never been easier.

Dashlane: This is yet another popular company among the password manager services out there. Dashlane is known as “the best password manager and secure digital wallet”. With Dashlane you can autologin from anywhere, monitor your security score and you can also save credit cards and receipts in a digital wallet. They also encrypt with AES-256 which is the worlds leading standard. Dashlane is Free but they also offer a premium service as well.

Roboform: Also claiming to be the best password manager online is RoboForm. RoboForm offers pretty much all the same services as the companies does, but overall it doesn’t look as professional as the others. However, they are one the top rated password managers online and I thought they should be mentioned.

How to create a strong password

Now that you know the top 4 free password managers with the highest level of security, Lets talk about how to create a strong password. Now it’s important to have a strong password that has multiple characters, but you also have to remember them. Here is a simple trick you can use to remember a password.

  1. Think of a quote that you like. Now take a the first letter of every word in the quote, the longer the sentence/quote, the better. Write it down on a piece of paper. Here is an example: “Stop Surviving and Start Living Today” = SSASLT. As you can see those series of letters does not form any word that is in the English dictionary.
  2. Now add numbers to the beginning of the word or at the end. This is could be a series of numbers that mean something to you but PLEASE don’t use your date of birth. Here is an example of this: 234100
  3. Final result: SSASLT234100

Now that you know the top password managers and learned how to create a secure, rememberable password I would hope that everyone’s information stays safe while browsing the web.

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