Top 3 Websites to Learn How to Code for Free

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I don’t know much about coding. In fact, I didn’t truly know what coding was until a few months ago when curiosity got the best of me. Obviously I had some idea that it was a series of codes that was built to perform a task, whether it be in some sort of software or an app. But I couldn’t define it.

So what is code?
Code is a software language for computers. It is an set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. You would use code to write a software program or website. Just like there are many languages spoken in the world, there also many different software languages. Each software language is used to build different types of programs and developers specialize in certain ones.

Where it’s used?
Coding is used in basically everything. Anything from traffic lights, apps, gaming consoles, thermostats and even light bulbs involve some sort of coding. Many of the appliances you use everyday also involve coding such as: microwaves, toaster, fridges, cars and plenty more.

Coding is the future.
Our lives have become digitized. Most of our daily routines involve some sort of technology. And for that technology to work – coding is needed. I have read that many schools are adopting coding into the curriculum for young students. This is important because it is well known as technology advances we will need more people to code our way into the future.

Why I wanted to learn how to code.
I wanted to create an app. More specifically, I want to create a gaming app. To do that I would need to learn how to code in a specific language that is designed to build apps such as Scratch, Python and Kodu.

So you want to learn how to code too huh?
I wanted to learn how to code and so I took the first step to find out where I can learn for free. I Googled. I found many online classes that offered lessons in 101 of coding but they came with a fee.

Since I’m no longer a student and I can’t afford to go back college, I needed a way to learn coding without breaking the bank. I wanted to find a way to learn how to code for free. Luckily there are plenty of places you can start learning right away without paying a penny.

Top 3 Sites that teach you how to Code for Free!

I’ve tested out a few of the websites that I found online and out of the bunch these 3 stood out as the easiest way to learn how to code for beginners.


This website is by far my favorite. It is a interactive way to learn how to code. Once you are signed up you will be prompted to select what type of coding you would like to learn. Whether you want to learn how to build websites or create mobile apps out of scratch CodeCademy will help you get started all for FREE! Each lesson is broken down into steps which can be followed by any age group. The service is designed to teach everyone as a beginner and build their skill.

On this website you will find a fun and very interactive way to start building various programs. Games are part of every single component of the learning process and so it is extremely enjoyable. There is no worrying about whether or not you input something incorrectly because you can start all over again just like a in a video game. Code.Org has created a space to learn while truly having fun.


This service is more for the serious learner. If you are a student that wants to get right into learning hard coding for a beginner, this is the ideal website for you. There are no games and its not all that interactive. On CodeAvengers you will have the option to learn how to code for a specific function. Whether you want to learn how to create a website with HTML coding or learn java-script so you can make the next hit app you will have the option to take a specific path. Learning how to code will consists of short lessons, tasks and projects.

I thought I’d mention a one other site that you may be interested in. Khan Academy is a online learning environment for all ages. They provide lessons in multiple subjects including coding. Although the lessons are not as interactive or fun they are definitely free.

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