Top 3 Free Browsing Extensions that will Unblock Websites

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Hiding you IP address and unblocking websites has become a necessity for those who would like to access content which is blocked in their location. An example of this are users that live within Canada that want to watch Hulu. Hulu is currently only available for residents within the United States. So watching streaming videos on the site is a bit more challenging for those who are not to familiar with simple VPN solutions.

Going through the process of unblocking websites or hiding your IP address requires a bit of knowledge and can also cost you money. However, I’ve listed the best browser extensions that will do exactly that for absolutely free.

If you’re looking for a solution make sure you don’t waste time installing unnecessary programs and software to change IP location to access restricted websites. There are free options for people who looking to unblock websites and browse anonymously on the web.

Extensions on browsers can make your online activity much more convenient and effortless. Adding one of the extensions below on to your favorite browser is no different. I’ll be listing the top 3 best browsing extensions that alter your IP address and unblock websites.

This type of solution isn’t for everyone but is catered towards people who would like to quickly get access to sites that is blocked in their country.

If you would like to watch Hulu, MTV, listen to Pandora, stream music on Spotify or do some market research in specific countries then the extensions below are the perfect fit.

Top 3 Free Unblocking Browser Extensions


Their slogan is “Unlock the Internet” and they live up to it. This easy-to-install extension is one of the best addons for browsers I’ve used to unblock websites. ZenMate runs in the background and is only active once you click on the extension icon (usually located in the upper right corner). Once clicked, you will see some graphics indicating that your IP address is changing to one that is within the United States.

You also have the option to change your IP address to various other countries as well. You can switch back to normal settings by clicking the icon once more. That’s it. No other bells and whistles needed. Zenmate is available on multiple platforms.


This extension is more widely known for their Android and iOS app that helps users unblock websites and apps through their phone. Well, Hola also does the same for your browser. The installation is straightforward and using the extension is the same as well. Just go to the website that you want to unblock and then click on the Hola icon. At this point all you would have to choose the country that you would like to browse from to unblock the site. This extension is free to use on multiple browsers.

Media Hint

This extension was the most commonly used addon for users looking to unblock websites. Media Hint was known to as the go-to extension to hide your IP address. It is very simple to use and very straightforward, similar to ZenMate and Hola. However, the one drawback of Media Hint is that their service is no longer free. Roughly a year ago the company decided to make the unblocking extension into a paid service with a monthly fee. Many users were upset and looked for other alternatives. But luckily, you can read this article and learn how to access Meda Hint without paying for a subscription.

Those are the best free unblocking browser extension that I have found to be the most user-friendly. If you know of any others feel free to leave a comment below and list your favorite.

I like to save people money by blogging about free trials, premium offers and deals on various online services across the web.

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