Top 12 TV Shows You Should Watch On Netflix Today!

So you’re new to Netflix and you’re wondering what shows you should be watching. With hundreds of television shows to choose from it would be hard to know where to start. Perhaps you’ve heard of a TV series that your friends and colleagues had mentioned or you can check the highest rated shows online with a quick Google search. However, suggestions from friends or scrolling through highest-rated shows on Netflix can take time and your selection may be not to your liking.

So I’ve compiled a list of the top 12 shows you should be watching on Netflix today. If you’re a binge watcher then Netflix is the perfect service for you. You can watch a whole series, one episode to the next without any commercial breaks and tools to pause, play, and continue to watch on multiple devices at home or on the go. But enough about the awesomeness that is Netflix. Lets get into the top TV shows that you could start streaming right away.

This list is opinion based. I have not taken any ratings or critic reviews into consideration. This is solely based on what is currently popular and what I have enjoyed.

  1. breaking badBreaking Bad: If you haven’t heard of this hit AMC series then you’ve probably been living under a rock the last couple of years. This is by far the best TV series that has ever aired. Breaking Bad is the story about Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, a struggling chemistry teacher that’s been diagnosed with cancer. In hopes to provide for his family in the future he takes his chances selling meth with Jesse Pinkman, who is played by Aaron Paul. If you haven’t watched the any of the episodes you will have 5 seasons to catch up on. Definitely a binge-watch.
  2. House of CardsHouse of Cards: If you’re not into politics you will STILL enjoy this series. This is a show that exclusively airs only on Netflix so if you’re new to the streaming service you’ve probably never seen an episode. This political drama stars Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, a driven senator that has his eyes on a bigger prize. Plot twists are common in this show and so are narrated scenes by Kevin Spacey’s character. The great thing about this series is that all the episodes are released all at once. So you won’t have to wait untill the whole series is aired to enjoy it on Netflix.
  3. The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead: Like apocalyptic zombie movies? Well image your favorite zombie movie and then expand it out to an on-going TV series, that’s The Walking Dead. The show takes place where the world has been taken over by blood-thirsty zombies and a few individuals band together their skills and resources to survive in hellish conditions.This show will have you at the edge of your seat. With constant sudden bursts of scariness it will have you gasping for air. This show is well written and stars some amazing actors. The AMC TV series is yet another cult favorite. Binge watch? Hell yes.
  4. LOSTLOST: Image the movie Cast Away but way more creepier and bizarre. This NBC show aired in 2004 and was instantly a hit. The story is about strangers that have crash landed on an mysterious island and their struggle to get back home. The show isn’t amazing because of the story itself but how the story was told.
  5. The OfficeThe Office: If you’re looking for some laughs then The Office would be a good show to start off with. Michael Scott played by Steve Carell was the funniest character on TV (my opinion). His character would get into some hilarious scenarios that took place in a small paper company office, Dunder Mifflin.
  6. Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation: Another comedy that will have you laughing for hours. You will be able to enjoy endless stories of a group of people working in a parks department in an odd town called Pawnee. Oh, did I mention Amy Poehler is the lead protagonist! She’s not only a very entertaining host for fancy award shows but her character is over the top hyper and optimistic.
  7. CommunityCommunity: This is yet another comedy series that is featured on Netflix. The series takes place at a community college that stumbles into crazy but funny scenarios. The characters in the show come together to study for Spanish class but stick together while they embark on their college life. Although the show is rumored to end this season (5) it will always be remembered for some of the classic episodes such as the Paintball War and Zombie Halloween.
  8. Doctor WhoDoctor Who: A cult favorite among many people, Doctor Who is one of the oldest running series on television. Although the show can be a tad cheesy it is a show you will completely fall in love with. If you’re a sci-fi geek I would definitely recommend this show. You can enjoy season 6 of 7 on Netflix. (Does not include classic Doctor Who).
  9. LouieLouie: If you like honest humor then you will like the stand-up comedy of Louie C.K. Now put those snippets of his acts into a 3 season long sitcom and you got a hit show. This FX sitcom is a must-watch and I would recommend it for binge watching as well. Currently there are only 3 seasons on Netflix so you can definitely get through the show within a weekend.Arrested Development
  10. Arrested Development: Back in 2003 an unconventional sitcom aired and immediately had a cult following. Although the series ended in 2008 it was brought back to life with the help of Netflix. The streaming company got the rights to produce a 4th season of Arrested Development and hilarity ensued.
  11. Orange is the new BlackOrange is the New Black: This is another original series from Netflix that follows Piper Chapman played by Taylor Schilling as she serves time for committing an old crime. As mentioned before, original series on Netflix are unique since all the episodes are available all at once. Perfect for binge-watching.
  12. New GirlNew Girl: Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess, can only be described as a whimsical, awkward klutz but simply adorkable. Jess lives with 3 guys in Los Angles and is trying to figure out her life. This FOX sitcom has a large fan base, as it should.

Those are the top 12 TV series you should watch on Netflix but there are few more that you may also want to check out. Honorable mentions: Dexter, Bobs Burger, Homeland, Archer, Hey Arnold, Suits, White Collar, Futurama.

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