TiVo Showcases Netflix Interface Demo

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TiVo Premiere has updated their Netflix interface which gives it a sleeker and cleaner look. Engadget got a look  at the demos of the Netflix and Youtube interface at CES this week. Not only does the TiVo Premiere Netflix interface look sleek but it also allows users to search for movie titles and instantly add them to their Netflix queue.

The newly redesigned interface also provides 5.1 surround sound for ultimate movie pleasure. The new Netflix interface update on TiVo Premiere will be available in the spring for all users.

Along with newly redesigned Netflix interface, TiVo also showcased a small TiVo transcoder box which connects to TiVo Premiere. The TiVo box allows users to take advantage of the newly released streaming features from their last update. TiVo Premiere apps for the iPhone and and iPad could directly receive streaming movies and TV shows and other content directly from TiVo box. The small TiVo box does not have name  yet but seems like it will be an efficient and fast way to stream content such as Netflix to various devices.

TiVo Small Un-named Box with Transcoder

TiVo Small Un-named Box with Transcoder

Source: Engadget
Images: Engadget

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  1. TivoFormer

    This is probably not happening. There must be some sort of copy write agreement violation since TIVO has never upgraded their Netflix UI. Looks like we are going Roku and leaving Tivo. Too bad, but just could not wait any longer — or to keep getting our hopes up every time there is a rumor of an update.

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