Which Dating Site is Better eHarmony or Match.com (The Winner is..)

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Millions of people flock to the internet everyday to find a potential date, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. One of the most easiest ways to find your other half would be signing up with online dating websites. But before you pick a site at random to start your search you want to make sure you are spending your time and money on the right dating website.

When it comes to dating online there are two sites that stick out as the top leaders: eHarmony and Match.com. These are the two most active dating websites on the web. Each dating site has well over 20 million members. If you search on Google for “dating websites” you will find over 100 million search results and out of those results you may only find a few sites that are reliable. There are about over 50,000 dating websites online but out of the bunch eHarmony and Match.com are the most creditable and most well-known. 

There are few different factors that can be considered when choosing one over the other, such as most active paid subscribers, cost, and percentage of success but I would like to know what you think! 

A few factors can’t determine which one of these dating services are the best. So I thought Id add a poll at the bottom of this page so readers can decide which they think is better based on what they know so far about both services.

Comment below on why you think one is better than the other, loved to know your opinions.

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