No Free Trial for Blockbuster Movie Pass

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There is a little confusion when it comes to whether or not if Blockbuster Movie Pass has a free trial. The answer is no, not yet at least. Blockbuster does provide a free trial on their regular movie and game rental by mail but not on their Movie Pass services. Blockbuster Movie Pass is part of the Dish Network which is the leading provider of TV shows and movies at home.

Blockbuster Movie Pass provides Dish Network members stream movies directly to their PC or TV via Dish Network Box. Existing members of the Dish Network can now access Blockbuster Movie Pass for $10 dollars a month.

With Blockbuster Movie Pass on the Dish Network you will be able to choose from 100,000 titles and stream thousands of movies to your TV or PC. Along with streaming, Movie Pass also provides rental services which allows members to rent unlimited movies, TV shows and games by mail. There are no extra fees when renting out Blu-ray movies or TV shows as well. Movie Pass members will also be able view over 20 great entertainment channels. You can only receive Movie Pass services with the Dish Network. The services that Blockbuster Movie Pass provides via Dish Netowrk does NOT have a free trial offer. Perhaps in the future there will be a trial offer available to Dish Network Members but for the time being there isn’t.

With regular services by Blockbuster which have no ties with the Dish Network, provide members DVD and game rental by mail, only. This service is directly from Blockbuster DOES have a free trial. The Blockbuster free trial will let new members try out DVD and game rental services by mail for 30 days, free. But this does not include Blockbuster Movie Pass which provides movie streaming to your PC or TV.

In short: No free trial for the Blockbuster Movie Pass Services.

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