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If you have ever joined a dating website you’ll know that you won’t be able to use their features or tools for free unless you have a membership with them, but not when it comes to allows non-members to search for compatible singles on their dating community for free. There is no catch what so ever. You don’t even have to sign up for a free account to search for the type of single person you are looking for.

In the search results you be able see their profile picture, where they are located, what age they are and whether or not they are online. All you have to do is put in some information to narrow down your search. But the search options don’t stop there. You can customize the search to find specific results. If you click on the link that says “Keep Customizing” you will land on a page that will help you find a member that fits your criteria.

I’ve complied a list of option below that you will see once you choose to keep customizing your search:

  • Appearance:height, weight, body type, eye color, hair color
  • Interests: Sports, exercise, common interest
  • Background: race, religion, education, political views, languages
  • Lifestyle: smoke, drink, travel, salary, pets, occupation

Free Custom Search for

To my surprise there were even more options to find the person you are looking for. has a few neat little features to search their database of profiles that are unique such as mutual match, reverse match and DateSpark (date ideas that you can respond too).

The free search is a great tool to use to see if there is that perfect someone out there for you on their site. So as you view results you will see a small profile image of them, their age and where they are located but if you want to see their full profile you will have to sign up for a free account or subscribe to a membership to

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