The Easiest Way to Send Large Files for Free (No Limit in Size)

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Sending large files over the internet is a hassle. There’s usually a limit to how big the file can be to send it. However, if there is no limit to the size of the file you can expect a monthly subscription fee attached to the service. Those are two main concerns when sending large files: file size limit and cost for the service. But I was wondering what would be the most easiest way to transfer big files for free online. I found a few websites that offer this type of service, but out of all of them one stuck out as my favorite.

No-limit File Sharing/Sending

BitTorrent Sync is a fairly new service put together by the members on BitTorrent. If you’re not too familiar with BitTorrent then you’ve probably haven’t downloaded any pirated movies off the web. The program is Torrent client that allows you to download and seed files over the internet which is based on peer-to-peer system.

However, the company has also created a simple way to share files over the web without the need for the cloud. Thats right, no need for the middle man. This service is free and there are no limits to file sizes.

The traditional way to send files is pretty straight forward. You upload your file(s) to the cloud, which is then retrievable from anywhere in the world either for yourself or someone else. BitTorrent Sync works a little different. There is no cloud. Meaning the files that are “uploaded” aren’t really being uploaded.

With BitTorrent Sync you can sync folders with huge files across as many devices as you want. These devices include, smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops.

Basically you download and install BitTorrent Sync on your computer. From there you can create sync folders. You can add as many files you wish to these folders, at any size. So whenever you add new files, like videos, photos or documents to sync folders that content becomes available on all connected devices.

If you make any edits or changes to the files, they will automatically be updated in the folder. Synced folders also make it easier for clients, family or friends to access your files.

You can also access your files on the go. There is a BitTorrent Sync app available on both Smartphones and tablets which can be used to retrieve files that are on your computer from anywhere from the world at anytime.

How does it work?

When you download , install and open BitTorrent Sync you will have two options: 1) Standard Setup or 2) “I have a Secret”.

Standard setup is straightforward. You can start adding files to folders. However, to sync folders to other computers or devices you need to get a “secret”. A secret is a unique key generated for each sync folder. This key must be shared with others if you want them to receive the files within the Sync Folders. What this means is that in order for others (clients, loved ones, friends) to receive files they also must have the BitTorrent Sync program or app on one of their devices.

Once you’ve attached a Secret to a folder that folder will sync up with files that are existing on it. As mentioned before, any edits or changes that are made to the files will be updated in the folder automatically. If you are confused about the process of setting up BitTorrent Sync read their guide for more clarity.

So, if you are looking for a way to send large files for free then BitTorrent Sync is the best service on the web that will do just that – in my opinion. Currently the service is in a beta format but has been performing really well when I share large files.

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