eHarmony 2015 Valentines Day Free Communication Weekend

This weekend eHarmony is presenting their annual free communication weekend to celebrate 2015 Valentines Day. Starting on Thursday, February 12 to Monday, February 16, new members can communicate with their matches for free. Every year thousands and thousands of people online flock to dating websites on Valentines Day. It could be the fact that they […]

eHarmony Tuesday Evening Free Communication Event

Eharmony is offering yet another free communication event but this time with a twist. This isn’t a communication weekend as we’ve seen before but this is a special offer which is only valid on Tuesdays starting at 3 PM. The eHarmony Tuesday evening free communication event will start at 3 PM and will end at 11: 59 PM Pacific […]

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend May 25th – May 28th

Just this month eHarmony had a free communication weekend but it seems like eHarmony would like to offer their communication even once again for the month of May. Starting today new members can sign up for free account with eHarmony and also communicate with their matches for free!. From May 25th (Today/Friday) to May 28th […]

eHarmony Free Communications Weekend – March 16th – 19th

Enjoy the free communication weekend from eHarmony starting from March 16th (today) to March 19th. eHarmony’s free communication weekend starts today and ends on Monday and allows members of the premium dating website to communicate with their matches. If your not a member of eHarmony you can simply sign up, create a dating profile and […]

eHarmony Free Communication Weekend – February 17th – 20th

The eHarmony free communication weekend offer starts today! Eharmony will be offering a free communication weekend – February 17th to the 20th. During the the communication weekend, members will be able to communicate with their compatible matches for absolutely free. Eharmony is considered the number 1 trusted online dating website and now you can have full access to eHarmony […]