Spotify Still Offers Unlimited Songs With A Free Account

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Spotify has warned their US free account members that unlimited songs will be a thing of the past but it seems like they’re going back on their word, for now. Spotify apparently still offers unlimited songs with their free account plan. You can stream as many songs as you want for hours and hours without any limits. You would have to incur some ads here and there while listening to your favorite tunes but it seems like the 6 month warning was not as serious as thought.

Previously it was said that members with a free account would only be able to enjoy only 10 hours of streaming music per month but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There is no telling when they will cut off free account members from listening to their favorite songs for hours on end but you can enjoying it while it lasts. Spotify will be celebrating their 9 month anniversary in the United States and you can celebrate with them by simply continue enjoying unlimited songs with Spotify Free account. If you’d like to enjoy Spotify premium account you can try out their premium services for 30 days, free. Click here to try out the Spotify premium free trial offer.

via: Engadget

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