Spotify Makes it Free to Stream Music on iOS and Android Tablets for Non-Paying Users

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Early Wednesday morning at Spotifiy headquarters, NYC, CEO Daniel Ek announced that Spotify will be providing free music streaming on iOS and Android tablets through the Spotify app for non-paying users. Until now, the free version of Spotify was very limited and didn’t give users many options to listen to songs, especially on-the-go. Instead you could only listen to music on your desktop or laptop computer. On top of that the user had to endure advertisements during songs.

But according to Daniel Ek, starting today (December 11, 2014) free users can enjoy streaming music on their tablets through the Spotify app, for free! So all Android tablets and iPads will be supported and you can rock out to your favourite song, album or playlist and don’t have to be tied down to your computer. Unfortunately, non-paying subscribers will STILL have listen to advertisements during song play. To reek the full benefits/features of Spotify you will need to subscribe to either their Unlimited or Premium plan.

If you don’t have a tablet but would like to get free music streaming on your mobile phone, then your in luck, kinda. Ek also introduced “Spotify Shuffle” which will give free users access to listen to tracks from the artist, album or playlist of their choice ,however, they won’t be able to choose a specific track to listen too. It will only be on “shuffle” mode.

They also released a short 1 minute video illustrating how music on Spotify is “now free everywhere”.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. The company is expanding into 20 new markets, so more users around the world can now enjoy Spotify! In total they will reach 55 markets.

Spotify will now be available for these 20 countries: Chile, Costa Rica, Columbia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Malta, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Uruguay and Slovakia.

And finally, the last bit of news, Led Zippelin albums and tracks are now on Spotify!

via: Engadget

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