Shomi 30 Day Free Trial Membership Offer (Rogers and SHAW Customer Freebie)

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Shomi is a TV and Movie streaming service for Canadians, it also comes with a 30 day free trial membership. If you’re wondering about the service, it can easily be compared to Netflix or Hulu. As a subscriber you can stream hundreds of TV shows and movies straight on to your TV, tablet or smartphone through the Shomi App. Shomi is available on multiple devices and is also available to stream through cable boxes from Rogers or Shaw.

Details of the Shomi free Trial

From the heading of this article you know that Shomi offers a 30 day free trial membership. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start your trial. For one, you must have a credit to sign up for this offer. The offer is only valid for 30 days. After that point, you will be charged $8.99 a month. You can cancel anytime during the trial period and your credit card won’t be charged.

Start your Shomi Free Trial Membership

Shaw Customers

If Shaw is your ISP (internet Service Provider) then might be eligible for a 3 month(90 days) free trial of Shomi. This offer is currently only available for some customers. If you happen to have Shaw as your ISP, give them a call and ask about the Shomi freebie.

In some cases, Shomi may already be attached to your Shaw cable package. Take a close look at your bill and check if it’s in your plan.

Rogers Customers

If you have a cable package from Rogers, you might already have Shomi attached to your bundle. Be sure to check before you enable Shomi on your account. This can easily be done through the Rogers cable box.

There also been reports that some Rogers customers have received 1 – 2 years of free Shomi trial. This is a rare deal and is usually offered only when a customer is threatening to cancel their service. However, in some cases new account holders have also received such offers. Talk to a Rogers live agent on their site to get some details regarding the offer. I suggest you don’t mention the free trial, let them bring it up.

What does Shomi Offer?

Here is a list of features you can enjoy on Shomi

  • Hit TV shows that are not available on any other streaming service. TV shows such as: Fresh off the Boat, Modern Family, Dig, Shameless, 2 Broke Girls, Jane the Virgin and plenty of more. (Keep in mind the claim is only related to Canadians.)
  • Tons of popular TV series.
  • Thousands of popular movies to choose from.
  • New fresh titles are added every month
  • Shomi offers a collection of TV shows and movies catered to Children of all ages.
  • Hand-crafted movie theme collections for whatever you may be feeling to watch.
  • Shomi can be streamed on multiple devices such as: iPhones, Android Phones, XBOX 360, Tablets, laptops and of course TV’s.
  • And of course it comes with a 30 day free trial membership.

Difference between Shomi and Netflix?

So what’s the big difference between Shomi and the other big entertainment streaming services? Not much. The only difference I’ve seen is the number of content. Netflix has more titles to choose from. However, Shomi has titles that Netflix does not have. So it is a trade off.

Now, besides the number of titles, what is the difference in the cost of a membership. Shomi offers only one plan. On the plan, users can enjoy 2 active streams at once and create up to 6 users on one account. The cost for Shomi membership is $8.99.

If you happen to have a Rogers or Shaw, you might already have Shomi attached to a bundle or special offer that is on your account. Meaning, Shomi MIGHT already be included in your package, thus it won’t cost you anything extra.

Is Shomi worth it?

If you are already subscribed to the service through your cable package, then it is worth it, since you’re not paying extra for it. However, if you’re thinking of getting the TV and Movie streaming service on it’s own then it really depends. Shomis leverage over the other big streaming services is the fact that they have exclusive content that the don’t. Considering that, I think Shomi would be perfect for those who are looking to subscribe to a service to watch specific content.

Personally, I don’t mind paying $8.99 a month to receive exclusive content. However, if you want to try them out first, then sign up for the free trial and see if it’s better or worse than Netflix.

Have you tried Shomi?

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