Register your Samsung Phone or Tablet and get 3 Months of Hulu Plus for Free and MUCH More

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If your lucky enough to have a Samsung product such as a phone or tablet then you will enjoy the MANY perks of registering the device on Once you have registered your device you can enjoy multiple services and credit for free such as:  a trial period from Hulu Plus, credit to the Google Play Store, subscription to Boingo WiFi Access, extra Dropbox space, Sirus XM internet radio, Audiobooks from Audible, magazines from Zinio and much more.

If you’ve been looking for a 3 month free trial offer to Hulus premium service then your in luck. Register for one of the devices found in the table below and you can enjoy 90 days of TV and movie streaming through Hulu Plus.

If you own the following Samsung devices you will also get tons of other FREE rewards for each product your register. I created a table that will help you understand what services and credits you will receive once you have registered your product.

 Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFiGalaxy Tab 3 WiFiGT2 10.1 (Student Edition)Samsung HomesyncNote 10.1 2014 EditionGalaxy Tab 3 Kids
$10 Google Play Store Credit
$25 Google Play Store Credit
$50 to Spend on Movies and More with Media Hub
3 Months of Hulu Plus
12 Months of Boingo Wi-Fi Access for New Users
50 GB of Dropbox Space for 2 years.
3 Months of Sirius XM Internet Radio for New Users
3 Digital Magazines on Zinio for 2 Months
3 Free Audiobooks from Audible for New Users.
12 Weeks + App Subscription for New Users
1 Year BusinessWeek plus Subscription for New Users
$50 Samsung Hub Credit

As you can see, if  you own a Note 10.1 2014 Edition, you will receive the most amount of perks. There are some catches attached to these offers. Most of them require you to be a new user. So if you already have a subscription or an account with one more of those services the offer will not be valid.

Here is how to register your device on Samsung and take advantage of this promotional offer.

  1. Head over to Samsung (Our Gift to you) page.
  2. Choose the device you currently have but have not registered yet.
  3. Review all the perks that come with registering your phone or tablet.
  4. Click on the button that says – Register Now.
  5. From this point you will be presented with a pop-up form. Here you will have to create a My Samsung account by providing your personal information and choosing a password.
  6. You will also need to enter in the device identification info of your product (serial number and purchase date). If you have an existing My Samsung account you can login and make process much faster.
  7. Once you have registered you can sign up and get access to the multiple services that come along with registering your Samsung devices on their site.

How to find your serial number.

If your trying to locate your serial number follow these steps. Navigate your way to  Settings page on your device. Settings > About Phone > Status > Serial Number.

This promotional offer is for a limited time and will expire on 12/31/2013. These rewards are also only valid for people within the United States. Sorry, I wish it was available worldwide.

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