Rdio Releases Free Music Streaming on You FM for iOS and Android Devices

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Earlier today, Rdio, the online music streaming service announced that they will be releasing free music streaming for You FM (customized stations) on iOS and Android devices. This means users can enjoy Rdio Stations which was once a premium feature for paying subscribers for free. 

You FM is a personalized station that plays music based on your listening habits. The information to curate the music is collected from various sources: music that you stream on Rdio, artists you follow on Twitter and musicians you like on Facebook. This process is accomplished through the help of ”The Echo Nest’ which is a taste profiling technology. You FM was launched in August of 2013 and has grown by significant amount when it comes to station plays.

With over 20 millions tracks to listen to you’ll be sure to never get bored of Rdio station. Whether your currently on a free trial membership or if the trial has come to a end you can continue to use You FM (Stations) on Rdio for free.

When listening to tracks from You FM, paid subscribers have the ability to listen to a track on demand by simply tapping the album and selecting the song. While on the free version, users will only be able to listen to music that is similar to the one that they just heard. With the new update users can share their stations and also have the option to create playlist and album stations.

So starting today users in the United States, Canada and Australia can take advantage of this update through the Rdio app. The app is free to download but you will have to sign up for a membership for Rdio to start using this feature. Find out more information (here) about the 7 day free trial offer.

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