Play 14 FREE Games on EA Access From January 19th to the 24th

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Many gamers are now finding more efficient ways to play games. Going out to stores and buying games seems pointless unless you don’t have an internet connection. Their are plenty of services that give users the access to new and old games straight from their couch. One of these services is called EA Access. With EA Access you can play the best EA games on your Xbox One without leaving the front door.

I wouldn’t be talking about this service unless it had a few free perks and EA Access doesn’t disappoint. Now, you can play 14 Games on EA Access for free from January 19th to the 24th. This offer is only valid for Xbox Live Gold members. I’ll talk about that in a bit, but let me explain what the service is and whether or not you should sign up.

Here’s on it works

For $5 a month you can play EA games straight from your Xbox One. The service is solely based on providing EA games and no other gaming brand. This means you can play video games like TITANFALL, FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and other titles.

Why you should sign up

Since I did mention there are plenty of other services like EA Access I’m going to list the perks that make it stand out.

  1. PLAY FIRST: This gives the subscriber first access to games that have not been released yet by EA games. Meaning the gaming titles that you’ve been waiting to play can now be played for limited time with EA Access.
  2. PLAY MORE: Play EA’s best games as much as you want. They call this The Vault. The Vault is a growing collection of EA’s games which can be played any time you want.
  3. PLAY FOR LESS: This feature can get you 10% of digital purchases on Xbox One.

How to play 14 Games for FREE!

Like a mentioned before, EA Access does offer a free trial type of deal for new users, however, its only for a few days in January. Here is how it works.

IF you are an Xbox Live Gold Member you can access ALL gaming titles from the EA Vault for Free from January 19th to January 24th, 2016.

Unfortunately, if you are not an Xbox live Gold member you can access this deal. However, if you can spare $5 a month you can access more than EA’s best games, but you can also get you hands on titles that have not been released.

I do want to mention that you can get more bang for your buck if you pay yearly. The yearly membership only cost $25. This would save you $35 a year. Either way this is a small amount to pay considering most coffee drinks cost more than $5. You can find more detail of the service and how to access it here.

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