Pandora One 24 Hour Free Trial (Internet Radio)

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Pandora is an internet radio streaming service that provides you automated music recommendations from various stations based on your taste in music. In other words, it’s a personalized internet radio service. Pandora is free but is also accompanied by on-air audio advertising in between songs and visual ads on their website and mobile application. However, Pandora One is the premium service from the radio streaming company and offers ad-free listening, an high quality audio experience, with fewer interruptions on multiple devices. Pandora One comes with a 24 hour free trial offer.

Pandora has over 800,000 tracks from 80,000 artist and adds new songs every day to their collection. The company started in the year 2000 and currently has over 150 million users. Music from every genre is not the only thing you can listen too but you can also enjoy comedy shows and podcasts.

Free trial details

There is not much to say about the free trial besides the fact that the offer is only valid for 24 hours from the moment you upgrade your account to Pandora One. During the free trial period you will be able to listen to music on the go on multiple devices, enjoy higher quality audio tracks, won’t have to endure audio or visual advertising and will be able to enjoy online radio with fewer interruptions. You won’t need a credit card to sign up for this offer. Once the trial period ends you will be down-graded back to the free account.

Keep an eye out for a 30 day free trial for Pandora One while using their service. At times, the company offers a limited time promotion for existing free users. If you use the service on a regular basis you will most likely will see this offer.

Quick Tip

You might be thinking that ads on Pandora can’t be too bad. To be honest the audio ads can be a little annoying at times but overall it is bearable. However, the constant bombardment of visual ads on the website can be too much at times. It would be ideal that you add AdBlock on your web browser. AdBlock simply blocks all advertising on websites, including pop-ups. Simply search for the extension on your browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and install it. You won’t have to deal with visual ads while listening to online radio with this extension.

However, please keep in mind that if you install Adblock to your browser you may not see the limited-time 30 day free trial promotion ads that Pandora features on their site as mentioned before.

How to get start your free trial

  • Head over to Pandora.
  • Click Register and create a free account.
  • On the registration page enter in your primary email address, a password, your year of birth, zip-code, gender and then agree to the terms of use.
  • Once you click register you will receive a welcome email from Pandora. You will also be taken to your dashboard where you can search for artists, albums, genres and songs.
  • If you look on your upper right-hand corner of your screen you will see a link that says “Upgrade”. Click on that.
  • Now you will be directed to the Pandora One page. Here you can read the benefits of the premium service.
  • Click on “Start 24 hour trial”.
  • You will now see a popup that looks like the image below.Free trial message for Pandora One
  • At this point you will be using their premium service for free. You can upgrade to a subscription at any time. The monthly cost of Pandora One is $3.99 a month.

Benefits of Pandora

There are plenty of features on Pandora but out of the bunch it is the simple ones that make using the internet radio service enjoyable. For example, every song you listen to is accompanied by sharing capabilities, lyrics, ways to purchase the song/album from iTunes or Amazon and you can pause, rewind or skip ahead to new tracks unlike the conventional radio.

With Pandora One, imagine all the features mentioned above and include high-quality audio playback, ad free listening, desktop application, their app with on-the-go listening and custom skins.

The Downside

Lets say you want to listen to “Coldplay”, so you search for the band and the player automatically starts playing songs but if you click “Skip” you will have to listen to automatic music recommendations. If you keep clicking “skip” you will be shown this message:

“Unfortunately our music licenses force us to limit the number of tracks you may skip each hour. If you want to hear something else, try creating another station starting with a different artist or track.”

Unfortunately, the “skip” issues will still occur regardless if you have upgraded your account or not.


Pandora is only available to members with in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

However, you can use Pandora from anywhere by adding a simple extension to your web browser. This extension is commonly used to access websites that restricts non-US visitors from viewing video streaming content.

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