Online Marketing Strategies That Are Cheaper Than Peanuts

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I’m going to give it to you straight: there’s always a trade-off when it comes to cheap marketing strategies. And in this I’m going to be honest. You’re going to have to sacrifice time. And they all say that time is money but even the most expensive marketing strategies will still take time. So why not go for the cheaper alternative, right? The following tips are geared for starting professionals or small to medium businesses to owners who seek a cheaper approach to marketing their business or brand.

Power up with video

Yes, online marketing is definitely a lot different from TV advertising. And arguably cheaper too! But there’s still something to be said about short videos like those from Vine to sell a brand. An Internet marketing company or two have been known to use Vine as a means to engage their target audience. It’s the Internet’s version of an infomercial and it’s definitely a great way to amuse and interact with audiences. Vine is definitely a great way to get people to share your funny videos and gain a steady following. There are a lot of personalities (models, actors, and the like) who started with Vine and are now enjoying an adoring fan base online. If you’re marketing yourself as a brand, then this is a great first step.


It’s important to create content that will get through your target audience. You can create detailed posts or ways on how people can apply your products or services in their everyday life. It’s basically a more detailed brochure if you will, but, it can prove to be hard to create. Hiring a freelance writer can be a good step but if you can’t hire one, you might want to try getting a hang of the whole writing thing. It’s a cheap way to market your wares, especially since domains come in cheap nowadays.

Steady Stream of Social Media

Know the power of a good Facebook campaign. If you create a page for your business or product, know that Facebook has now set up a limitation as to who sees your content. This way, page owners will be forced to buy ad space in Facebook. A good way to go around this is to NOT create a like page but instead to create a normal Facebook profile. However, not everyone is comfortable with befriending a brand/business so to speak. Some people would rather “like” instead of “add”. So weight your pros and cons. Facebook ads are going to cost you a sack of peanuts but it’s definitely still cheaper than other forms of marketing. So if you have a small amount set aside for advertising, invest in Facebook ads.

Combine Big Brand and Small Brand Pros

Clients love the perceived value they get from liking a Facebook page that’s considered as a big brand. They also get a higher sense of satisfaction by buying high-end products. You can always increase the perceived value of your online business by presenting your business in a big way. Making handicrafts? Create a legit site that sells your products in a big way. Use beautiful posters to showcase your handicrafts. If you don’t have a high quality camera, rent one or borrow from a friend. It might take a lot of effort but it will show if you did. Big brands don’t skimp on photographs, written content, and the user friendliness of their site. So if you’re going to create ads for Facebook or a catalog of sorts, don’t skimp on quality! That’s a basic trademark of a big company.

However, don’t inflate your item’s real value. If they order a product and receive an item that isn’t up to par with what they saw online, people are quick to tweet and tell friends about it. Not good! Which brings us to a small brand marketing idea: building intimate relationships! Big brands are quick to dismiss people’s comments on Facebook. Either they don’t have the time or don’t care about it. Send out personal messages and give detailed comments. It’s a marketing strategy that you should implement religiously. In a nutshell, put down all the pros of big brands and small brands and tailor your own marketing approach to suit you. It might take a lot of effort and it might take a lot of time, but in the long run this could prove to be very beneficial to you.


Prizes – these are an important way to get a steady stream of likes and followers or even retweets and reblogs. A lot of bloggers give out prizes in order to get a steady following. This is easy enough to do especially if you have a new product on your hands or maybe an extra item that you don’t mind giving away!

Inspire – the daily inspirational quote, message, or video is always a welcome sight on people’s Facebook newsfeed. Make sure that you don’t alienate some of your clients and use only inspirational quotes that are 1.) Relevant to your business and 2.) Relevant to your customers.

Entertain – The most important step. Entertainment is the easiest (or hardest?) way to market. But if you have a great joke up your sleeve or you are an expert meme maker, you can easily gain a few likes and followers by simply entertaining people.

Roger Pahuriray

Roger Pahuriray, an SEO specialist working with PinAgency.Com, a Internet Marketing Company based in Los Angeles. He is also an avid blogger keen to share the latest news and trends in ecommerce and Internet marketing. Roger is particularly interested in giving business owners new tips and strategies on how to best reach their target markets online.

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