No More DVDs for Netflix from HBO

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According to CNET, HBO will no longer be providing DVD’s and Blu-ray discs of their shows for Netflix. Netflix was receiving HBOs shows directly from the source at a discounted price. The competition between the two content providers have heated up and HBO will no longer provide DVD’s and Blu-ray discs for Netflix directly.

However that does not mean Netflix can’t acquire HBO DVD’s from other sources. This will not effect Netflix members as they will continue to receive DVD’s and Blu-rays for their favorite HBO shows such as: True Blood, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and other hit programming.

HBO Go is a app that had over 5 million downloads just this past year. HBO Go provides similar services at Netflix and is growing to be a household name. The app streams all HBO shows along with their original series collection. Time Warner Cable and Cablevision have both agreed to support HBO Go for its ultimate growth. HBO Go can be used through video game consoles, iOS, Android, Roku and other compatible devices.

So DVDs may not be provided directly from HBO but Netflix can still receive DVDs from other sources that provide HBO shows on DVD and Blu-ray discs.

source: CNET

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