Verizon looking into Web-based Video Service (Watch out Netflix)

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According to Reuters, Verizon communications plans to launch a service that streams television shows and movies over the web. If Verizon follows through with the rumored plan then Netflix will have a new direct competitor to deal with. With the recent downfall that Netflix has taken the last few months its no surprise that customers are looking for a better

video streaming service.

Netflix has gone through a couple of pitfalls the last few months which includes a price hike and the a re-branding of their DVD rental services, Qwikster. Netflix DVD rental service was re-branded into Qwikster after their price hike with DVD rental and streaming fees. There would no longer be one monthly payment for both services but two, one to rent and the other to stream. Qwikster was quickly abandoned when members of Netflix started opting out of their service. Over a quarter of a million members opted-out of Netflix services within 3 months of the changes.

Verizon has the potential to offer their web-based streaming service to over 85 million households in the United States. Currently they have 30 networks via FiOS TV online service which will help them in following steps to launch their service. A source who talked to Reuters said that Verizon could possibly be rolling out with their new streaming service in 2012.

There are very few details of what the service contains, the subscription price or even if there is a free trial. The likelihood of Verizon having a free trial with their rumored web-based video service is very doubtful but only time will tell.

Via: Reuters

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2 Comments to Verizon looking into Web-based Video Service (Watch out Netflix)

  1. After reading around a bit about this rumor, I did hear that Verizon would offer a limited plan, which is unlike Netflix. Netflix offers limitless content depending on the plan, whereas Verizon would allow a few credits for a certain fee, and the credits can be redeemed for content. If Verizon goes through with this in this fashion, I really do not think that they would be any competition for Netflix. It is funny that I used to subscribe to Netflix before they started making changes to accounts. I switched to the Blockbuster Movie Pass from DISH and it is this service that I consider a closer competitor to Netflix. They stream, they do DVD’s, Blu-ray’s and video games, and since it is being offered nationwide to DISH subscribers, the name is spreading quickly.

    • Good point SunKatt. I wasn’t aware about the credit system that Verizon would have, sounds interesting. And Its true, Blockbuster does offer pretty much all the same services as Netflix.

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