Vdio Available for Rdio Subscribers in the US and UK

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Vdio has finally opened its doors but only to Rdio subscribers in the US and UK. The company has been in the news in the past year as the next competitor to Netflix. There was very little information that was available on their site in the past but it seems as though the service was launched Tuesday (April 2nd) to the public, kinda. 

Vdio is a video service founded by Skype co-founder Janus Friis. The service provides online movie and TV streaming NOT based on subscription service. They offer a large collection of old and new movies including Zero Dark Thirty, The Hobbit, and Skyfall. You can also view popular TV series such as The Walking Dead, Homeland and Downton Abbey. Vdio is an on-demand service catered to Rdio subscribers (for the time being).

The service is currently limited to paying “Rdio Unlimited” subscribers that are located in the UK and US. However, it seems the company will be expanding to other countries in the following months. You can expect the servics to be open to everyone later in the summer according to Malthe Sigurdsson; Rdios VP of Product.

For now the streaming service is offering paying Rdio Unlimited subscribers a $25 credit that can be redeemed to watch or purchase TV and movie content. If you live in UK or US and would like to take advantage of this promotional offer sign up for Rdio here (make sure to sign up for the Unlimited Plan to receive this offer from Vdio).

via: Gigaom

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