UK and Ireland can Expect Netflix Services Soon

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It seems as though the rumors of Netflix trying to dominate the world in streaming and DVD rental services is kinda true. It has been announced in 2012 Netflix will expanding their brand overseas to the UK and Ireland. Netflix has said they will be providing streaming services at a low monthly subscription and as for DVD rentals; only time will tell if they’ll provide that service as well.

It seems as though Netflix will not branch off into the DVD rental service since they will have to compete with their largest competitor in Europe, LoveFilm. is recognized as the Netflix of Europe. They were bought out by Amazon early 2011 and have kept a good standing with their brand and customers.

After the whole Qwikster fiasco, Netflix seems to be recovering quite well. For those who are from Ireland and the UK you can look forward to the free trial offer that Netflix will mostly likely offer new comers to their service.

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