Spotify Web Player (Browser-Based) Will Launch Soon!

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If your a user of the streaming music service Spotify you will be happy to know that they will be launching their web player soon. Spotify currently doesn’t have a browser-based music streaming web player unlike their competitors but instead they have desktop and mobile application that gives their users access to millions of songs on a easy-to-use interface.

According to Mashable and TechCrunch, sources close to Spotify had indicated that the company is working on releasing a browser-based music streaming player in October. The date is not specified.

If your not familiar with Spotify its desktop and mobile application that allows users to stream music through sleek interface. There are 3 different plans that users can choose from: free, unlimited and premium. The free plan gives you access to millions of songs which are accompanied by radio-style advertising and you will only be allowed to listen to 10 hours of music per month. The unlimited subscription plan allows users to listen to their favorite tunes without any advertising interruptions along with no time limits of any kind. And finally the premium plan gives you the same features as the unlimited plan offers but also the ability to take your music on the go (mobile phones,tablets). For all the details regarding pricing and plans check it out the Spotify free trial page.

What you can expect to see is a integration of the web player for each plan. Spotify play button won’t need the Spotify app running in order to play back tracks.

Sources say:

Better integration with the Play Button and social music sites is the real goal behind the web version.

So expect to see the Spotify web player rolling out in October!

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