Redbox Instant Will Launch by the Holidays

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According to various sources and seems as though Redbox Instant is planning to launch their services by the Holidays. Redbox Instant is a joint venture between Verizon and Redbox which will provide members the ability to rent discs from Redbox kiosks, stream movies through VOD (Video on Demand) and download their purchases for a monthly subscription fee. The launch has been in the works for many months now and it will most likely arrive right before the end of the year. It was back in December of 2011 when there was buzz in the air about the hint of Verizon was looking into web-based services and now it seems as though service is just right around the corner.

This new media streaming/renting service is very similar to many other businesses that are already out there such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and Blockbuster Total Access. However, reports have indicated that Redbox Instant will concentrate heavily on movie distribution (streaming and renting) instead of a combination with TV series’s. Currently the service is being tested by over 500 Verizon employees and will eventually go through the process of public testing.

What your can expect is the possibility of this service providing free trial promotion to new members similar to what Netflix and Hulu Plus offer. There are many questions to be asked such as:

  • How much will Redbox Instant monthly subscription cost?
  • How many movies will be provided?
  • Will existing Verizon members get a discount for Redbox Instant?
  • And etc, etc.

What we know for now is that this service will be launching before the end of the year, it will be available only in the United States and will be a major competitor to Netflix and Amazon.

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