Redbox Instant Offers $6 a Month for Unlimited Movie Streaming

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Redbox Instant by Verizon is getting ready to launch their unlimited movie streaming service for $6 a month to compete with Netflix. Just this past September Redbox; the popular movie kiosk rental service was in the works with Verizon to take over the online movie streaming business with their plan to launch Redbox Instant.

There was a question of whether or not Redbox Instant will offer a free trial to new members and that question has been answered. They will be offering a one month free of Redbox Instant movie streaming service. However the service has not yet launched but is currently going through beta-testing this month. There will be a large selection of movies to watch from which are collected from Epix.

According to AllThingsD there will be a few different plans available for their services. For $6, subscribers will receive unlimited movie streaming. For $8, members of Redbox Instant will receive unlimited online movie streaming and 4 DVD rentals from Redbox Kiosks. And for the $9 members can enjoy 4 Blu-Ray rentals along with unlimited movie streaming. Each plan will come with a one month free trial offer which will allow curious members to try out their service.

As of now visitors can sign up for email notification of when Redbox Instant will be available to the public.

Via: Mashable

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