Original Horror Series Coming to Netflix Soon

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An original horror series will be arriving to members of Netflix early next year which will add to the collection of their original content. The original series will be called Hermlock Groove and is based on the novel by Brian McGreevy. Hermlock Groove is about a small steel town in Pennsylvania that is accompanied by murder, mystery and monsters.

This will be a different approach then their other original series – Lilyhammer.

This will be the 2nd original series that Netflix will be putting out to their audience. House of Cards, and the 4th season of Arrested Development will be arriving later on the year or early next year. Along with a original horror series, Netflix is talking about picking up cancelled shows such as Tera Nova and soon to be cancelled show The River.

You can probably expect the original horror series to be on the same model that Lilyhammer was on, which is that all episodes to be released at the same time. This will be convenient for members of Netflix to easily watch the full first season without waiting week after week for new episodes. So keep an eye out for this murder-monster-mystery show soon to be on Netflix.

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