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There’s a new guy in town and he’s just settling in. A mysterious new Netflix competitor may be in the works to take over the online streaming niche. VDIO is speculated to be a new online streaming video service that will be launched sooner or later on the web. It will directly compete with Netflix and is privately funded by Skype founder – Janus Friis. 

For now VDIO’s landing page is a simple logo and solgan that reads “Are you watching?”. Apparently VDIO has been working in the background for quite some time. This online entertainment streaming service has been developing slowly under the name – Project WBS, which is located in Los Angles.

Project WBS has raised over $5 million in 2010 and is worked on by employees that have a close business connection with Skype. For the time being VDIO is a mystery, there is no launch date or any type of details about their services. The back splash of various scenes from movies and television shows on their site give us a hint that they will be providing services for TV and Movie streaming. However this does not weigh-out the chance that they will also be providing game rentals as well, similar to GameFly services. VDIO may also be trying to take over of Netflix Worldwide. If your from the UK you will see the phrase on their site that says – “Coming Soon to the UK”. But since Project WBS was started in Los Angels it seems as though they will be focusing on UK first and move on to the United States and other major counties.

So what does this all mean? The VDIO free trial could be in the works, which would allow members to use their services for free without paying for subscription right away, similar to the  Netflix free trial. Only time will tell whether or not if VDIO will be a true competitor with Netflix but it is definitely creating some buzz around the web.

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