Netflix Signs Deal with The Walt Disney Company

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If you have seen a lack of your favorite Disney movies on Netflix will worry no more. Netflix has signed a multi-year licensing deal with The Walt Disney Company which will let you and young ones to enjoy classic Disney movies. Starting today you can start streaming classic Disney movies like Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland and Pocahontas. However for the time being these movies can only be accessed by U.S Netflix subscribers.

It was just this last month that Netflix had added American Horror Story to their collection of streaming content. With this large set of movies from Disney they have surely recovered from their blunder back in 2011.

In early 2016, Netflix will also have their first-run live-action and animated films from Disney. Also Netflix and Disney will have direct-to-video releases starting 2013.

Try out their 30 day free trial offer and start watching a few of Disney movies that are currently available Netflix today.

via: Engadget

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