Qwikster: Rebranded Netflix DVD Rental Service

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So the last two months have been pretty hectic for Netflix. Customers have been angrily blogging, tweeting and Facbooking their feelings on the recent and sudden changes that have been happening with their beloved Netflix. The price of there services has gone up, the Netflix interface (title removed from instant queue) has changed overnight and now they’re splitting up DVD rental service and streaming services into two companies?

In a recent blog post on the Netflix blog, the co-founder and CEO of Netflix – Reed Hastings gave a truthful and humble explanation of whats been going on with their services the last couple of months. He points out his mistakes and flaws that came with the recent changes to Netflix. Hastings mentions how the DVD rental and the instant streaming options have become two very different services. Due to this realization, Hastings believes that both services would do better separately and the DVD rental service needs its own brand so they can advertise it.

And thus Qwikster was born. Qwikster is the new brand name of Netflix’s DVD rental service. It pretty much has the same services as before except for one new feature. Now you can rent video games (for an addition charge) for various consoles such as X-BOX 360, PS3 and Wii. This may give a run for its money for GameFly, but we will just have to wait and see.

Although Qwikster has not officially launched they already face some challenges regarding marketing and customer loyalty. But all together Hastings believes that Netflix and Qwikster will grow, seperatly. Reed Hastings and Andy Rendich (New CEO of Qwikster) sit down and explain whats been going on with the Netflix in the video below, check it out.


Now regardless of whats been going on, Netflix still offers there free trial services, which allows visitors to try out Netflix for 30 days for free. Grab the Netflix free Trial here. And as for a free trial with Qwikster, only time will tell.

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