Netflix Goes Live in the UK (UPDATE: Netflix has Fully Launched in UK and Ireland)

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It seems as though the Netflix UK website has gone live just a few moments ago and a subscription with Netflix is priced at £5.99 per month. It was suspected that movie and TV streaming services by Netflix were to be launched in the UK later this week but it seems as though UK residents won’t have to wait. Not only is the website gone live for sign ups but so has the Netflix app on the PlayStation 3 consoles.

Users of the Wii, Xbox and other consoles won’t have to wait too long either.

Netflix had announced in the fall of 2011 that they would be spreading their services overseas to Ireland and the UK. Within the last few months Netflix has signed multiple deals with MiramaxLionsgate and BBC Worldwide to get more content for UK members prior to their launch. According to Guardian, Netflix is also close to signing deals with Paramount, Disney, ITV, Channel 4 and Sony.

Netflix may have launched in the UK but they will have to compete with Lovefilm which is the leading distributor of rental DVDs in Europe. For now Netflix will slowly become fully operational in the UK by the end of the week. Along with the website launch comes the free trial. Netflix free trial will be available to new potential subscribers in the UK.

Update: Netflix has announced that their movie and TV streaming services have  fully launched in the UK and Ireland. Websites in both regions have gone live and residents can now sign up for the Netflix free trial. Subscription to Netflix services will cost £5.99 per month in the UK and 6.99 euros a month in Ireland. Netflix is also now fully operational on most compatible devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, TV, Blu-ray players, tablets and mobile devices in the UK and Ireland.

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