Lilyhammer Trailer: A Netflix Original Series

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Watch the Netflix original series trailer, Lilyhammer. Netflix has previously announced that they were creating new episodes for Arrested Developmental and is in production with episodes for House of cards but now they are ready to debut their original series called Lilyhammer.

Lilyhammer stars Sopranos actor Steve Van Zandt. Steve Van Zandt character: Frank “The Fixer” is a mobster that escapes to Norway after he rats out his boss and is enters into the federal witness protection program. The Netflix original series follows his dream of starting a new beginning in a foreign land but things don’t go as planned as expected.

You won’t have to wait for new episodes to be released on weekly basis since all 8 episodes of season 1 will be released on February 6 on Netflix. The original series will be available for all Netflix members in the U.S, Canada and Latin America. Lilyhammer can be viewed on various compatible/portable devices. Although Netflix has gone through a few bumps the last year they are making effort to push out great original content to broaden their collection titles on Netflix. Check out Lilyhammer trailer below.

Lilyhammer Trailer:


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  1. I watched the first episode of Lilyhammer and it actually seems good but I don’t think this is the right direction for Netflix as a company. Yes, customers want more options but Netflix couldn’t afford to make as much content as the stuff that’s already there. I had Netflix for a while and think they should really beef up their streaming library. When I had it, I got tired of settling for movies that I didn’t really want and never finding the ones I did. I now have Blockbuster @Home through my employer, DISH, and can’t believe how nice it is to be able to watch the movies I want without having to order them in the mail. Netflix could take some tips; it’d probably get them more customers than creating new shows.

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