Hulu Presents their Original Series Called Battleground

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Battleground is Hulu’s new original series that will be released on February 14th and will be available to watch on Hulu Plus. Battleground follows a bunch of rowdy staff workers through a campaign trail to the senate seat. The 13 episode (30 minutes each) series is shot in faux documentary style and is directed by J.D. Walsh.

This would be Hulu’s first scripted series and also be the first original series that would compete with Netflix’s original series Lilyhammer.

This has been the first big announcement from Hulu since the start of the new year and it seems as though they want to become more integrated with their original programming. With 2011 being Hulu’s big year of growth you can expect 2012 to be no different.

Check out the Battleground trailer below:

via: Mashable

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