Hulu Plus has 2 Million Subscribers and Counting

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Hulu Plus has over 2 Million subscribers for their premium TV and Movie online streaming service. Back in January, Hulu Plus had nearly 1.5 million subscribers and within 4 months they have added an additional 500,000 subscribers. Hulu Plus is growing stronger and is definitely the biggest competitor to Netflix.

With Hulu’s wacky commercials and growing popularity is bound to be the most recommend entertainment streaming service online.

One of the main reasons for customers to join Hulu Plus is the $7.99 a month subscription which is cost-effective for the quality of entertainment you receive. Along with the price, Hulu offers original series which can only be seen on Hulu Plus.

If your not familiar with Hulu Plus here is a quick rundown. Hulu Plus is the premium service provided by Hulu which offers subscribers to view their favorite TV shows and movies on various devices in HD with limited advertising. Along with that, subscribers will be able to view episodes of current season of TV shows and also be able to view back seasons. Hulu Plus services cost $7.99 a month and if you would like to try out Hulu Plus for 7 days click here.

via: CNET News

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