Hulu Plus Now Has 1.5 Million Paying Subscribers

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According to the recent blog post on Hulu blog, Hulu Plus currently has over 1.5 million paying subscribers and the number continues to grow. 2011 was a big year for Hulu, they grew their business by 60% from 2010, which calculates to $420 million in revenue. When comparing to 2010, Hulu Plus is drawing in two times the number of paying subscribers.

With 1.5 million subscribers it is the fastest growing paid subscription services in U.S history.

In 2011, Hulu plus had plenty of advancements and growth in innovation. Starting from the announcement that Hulu Plus would be available on portable game consoles such as the Nintendo 3Ds and then following with deals with CW to get a wider range of video content on their service. Innovations such as Hulu Face Match made the Hulu interface interactive and broadened their creativity. Along with innovations with Hulu’s interactive interface, Hulu also broadened their app to be compatible on more devices such as Kindle Fire and Nook. Hulu has also increased their programming in 2011 more then every before. Hulu Latino is targeted for the Spanish speaking demographic within the U.S and was launched in late 2011.

It seems as though 2011 was a great year for Hulu but we’ll have to wait and see what 2012 will bring to the expanding brand.

Source: Hulu blog

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