eyeIO Helps Lower Bandwidth Use on Netflix

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If you ever worried about bandwidth usage while streaming movies on Netflix, well then eyeIO has come to the rescue. EyeIO has recently implemented their ultra-low-bandwidth encoding technology with Netflix steaming services. This technology helps bring high quality video streaming while using very low bandwidth in the process.

This will be eyeIO’s first commercial licence agreement with largest online movie streaming provider – Netflix, Inc. Although the testing period with eyeIO started months ago, the low bandwidth encoding technology has now been implemented into Netflix streaming.

The technology from eyeIO finds the solution to enjoying high quality video streaming regardless of where you are in the world. The ultra-low-bandwidth encoding technology enhances video without the need of a custom video player which will make the technology adaptable to all video service platforms. EyeIO technology can reduce 720p HD video by 50% and still keep the high-quality picture. With Netflix having more then 24 million members in 47 counties, this advancement in technology will help Netflix to provide streaming content more efficiently to their subscribers.

via: Engadget

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