New Rhapsody Music App now Available on Android Tablets

New Rhapsody Music Stream App now on Android Tablets

Rhapsody has released their new music streaming app for Android tablets. They re-created how users will interact with the new app for a better visual experience. The new app will help Rhapsody music streaming subscribers discover new music, read about the latest news on artists, learn about new albums, artists and songs.

The interface of the app will create a visually-pleasing appetite for tablet users. Interaction with the app is fairly simple, with a quick tap, swipe or zoom tablet owners can access content on Rhapsody all while listening to their favourite songs. The app is no longer a simple Rhapsody phone app re-sized for tablets but a interactive, visually impressive music companion.

Although on a side note – Android tablet owners will need Honeycomb or ICS plus, along side with a 9 inch screen to enjoy the new Rhapsody app for Android tablets. The app is currently available on the Android Market and on the Amazon app store. If you don’t have a Rhapsody subscription then sign up today with the Rhapsody free trial offer.

Source: Engadget

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