New Netflix Commercial: Talking Beaver

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Netflix has released a couple of new commercials on television including the new one with the talking beaver. Since the downfall of Netflix the company has been trying to build back its trust with customers with various new improvements. The talking beaver commercial appeals to the crowd and illustrates Netflix services in a easy to understand way.

Near the end of the commercial a fish pops out of a hat and mentions how Netflix has a 30 day free trial. Netflix has also released another commercial on the airways with a talking hamster, it seems as though talking animals must appeal to new members. Check out the video below.

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7 Comments to New Netflix Commercial: Talking Beaver

  1. This ad is a total rip-off of a well established stop motion series Beaver Creek Episodes, which has been on youtube since 2008. Every motif has already been used by Ian Timothy, including a similarly decorated lodge, a duck friend who wears hats, a flat screen tv, even the talking fish. How low, Netflix, the animator is only 17.

  2. Does anyone know who created this ad? The concept for this ad seems to have been lifted from the popular series, Beaver Creek Episodes created in 2008 by Ian Timothy, a young award-winning stop-motion animator. Beaver Creek has a lot of fans around the world, and
    they will not be happy that Netflix and its ad agency have blatantly ripped-off these wonderful and endearing characters.
    Visit this link and you can see the obvious similarities.

  3. Is the voice of the beaver Tom Kane because he sounds very close to Mr. Herriman from Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.

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