New eHarmony Commercials [Videos]

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A new set of eHarmony commercials have hit the airways this holiday season. The holiday season is the perfect time for eHarmony to promote their dating services due to the fact that the holidays can become one of the loneliest times of the year. The new commercials uses stop-motion video which creates a friendly and creative approach to potential new members.

The commercials illustrate how eHarmony helps you to find exactly what and who you are looking for and then introduces you to those who best compliment you. The commercials go on to explain how eHarmony first dates have a better chance of becoming something more than on any other dating site. The commercials are quick, easy to understand and highlight the main reasons to join. At the end of every commercial they mention how new members can review their matches for free on eHarmony. Each commercial mentions how eHarmony can help you “date smarter” and can “compliment you”, which you can see on the 4 (2) new eHarmony commercials below.

eHarmony Commercials:


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