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Netflix now has 80% of hours streamed content which have subtitles and captions within the U.S. The team at Netflix has been working on providing captions to their collection of content. The captioning team has made progress throughout last year by achieving 40% (hours streamed) with captions and then in 60% in September.

 Before the new year, Netflix had accomplished providing captions to 80% of hours streamed which is a great advancement.

Unfortunately 10% of streaming that is viewed is seen on older Blu-Disc players, TV boxes, and old TV’s which don’t support the rendering of captions. However, the other 90% of streaming is viewed on devices that are compatible with rendering captions on subtitles. Netflix supported devices such as game consoles, tablets, PC’s, iPhones, Android Smart phones, Blu-Disc players, Roku, Apple TV and many others all support captions.

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Source: Netflix blog

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