Netflix Streams 2 Billion Hours of Movies and TV Shows in 3 Months

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According to a recent press release by Netflix, Netflix subscribers have watched over 2 billion hours of streaming movies and TV shows the last 3 months. During October, November and December Netflix members have been watching quite a bit of streaming entertainment which showcases the trust they have with the company.

Last year Netflix lost more then 800 000 members due to the unexpected price hike and the separation of DVD rental and streaming service. Regardless of the last years ups and downs, Netflix has slowly regained trust and loyalty with their subscribers. The press release was sent out on Wednesday and since then the Netflix stock has jumped 11% making the stock raise to $80 per share.

The press release states that 20 million subscribers watched an average of 33 hours of streaming entertainment through Netflix each month.

Heres some simple math:

20, 000, 000 (Subscribers) x 33 (Average amount of hours watched each month) x 3 (Months) = 1.98 billion (Hours watched)

via: PRNewswire

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  1. Nathaniel Richmond

    Besides Netflix offering customers their service on a number of devices it is also no secret that people watch more movies and TV during the holidays. People tend to stay indoors when it really cold which I’m sure had something to do with this as well. I don’t use Netflix as a movie provider any more because I have found a cheaper provider called Blockbuster. Since DISH Network bought out Blockbuster they have started offering DISH customers Blockbuster Movie Pass for $10/mo. This allows users to rent one disc at a time of the latest games, TV shows, movies, and blu-rays. They offer 100,000 titles by mail and 3,000 of the latest games. Blu-rays are at no additional charge and customers can also stream 3,000 movies to their TV and 4,000 movies to their PC. Blockbuster gets new releases 28 days before Netflix and Redbox. Netflix losing 800,000 customers due to their prices increase allowed for Blockbuster to step in and save customers from their high rates. Working for DISH Network I can tell that new customers can now get 12 months free streaming and 3 months free disc rentals.

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