Netflix iPad App Gets Upgraded

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The latest iPad was released about 2 weeks ago and people are still buzzing about the breakthrough retina display. With the new iPad comes along upgraded apps that are better suited for the new tablet. One of the latest upgraded apps for the new iPad is from Netflix. Netflix has released their latest version of iPad app – Version 2.1.1.

With the latest version you can see various upgrades like high quality artwork (icons and images) that fit the iPad retina display perfectly. Along with the upgraded artwork, Netflix has also fixed the voiceover support, improved playback on external displays and improved various other features. The homepage has also been upgraded visually which seems to work smoother and more efficient.

When it comes to HD video Netflix has hinted that they will be upgrading their app to receive HD video soon on the new iPad. Below is the tweet that will have iPad movie-watchers very excited..soon.
Netflix iPad HD Video Tweet

Via: Engadget
Source: Netflix Twitter

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