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PS Vita, the latest mobile gaming device from PlayStation was released yesterday in the United States. PS Vita has a 5 inch touch-screen, weighs only 9.17 oz, has a D-pad/thumb stick directional controls and can play games either by downloading them or through a gaming cartridge. Along with the snazzy specs, Sony has added great new apps: Flickr, live Twitter and Netflix. All three apps are free to download on the PlayStation App store.

The apps themselves are not large in size which won’t be a burden on storage.

Users can view their favourite movies right on the P.S Vita Netflix app. The Netflix interface on the P.S Vita is fairly similar to the Netflix app on Android and iOS devices. Viewing a movie on a 5 inch screen wouldn’t be pleasing to the eye but the Netflix app on the PS Vita has smooth video streaming with HD picture. The app was designed for users to easily search, browse and view content better then ever before.

There is a 20 MB cap on the 3G PlayStation Vita which will deny a connection to the Netflix App. With the 20 MB cap, users won’t be able to view any movies on a 3G connection unless they tether or use WiFi. Owners of the PS Vita would have to have a subscription to Netflix to view the content on the Netflix app. If you like to receive a 30 day free trial from Netflix click here.

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4 Comments to Netflix App on the PS Vita

  1. PsychoKiIIerr

    If we have to pay for 3g service, then why the hell is there a 20mb cap? that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. No netflix, now downloading movies from psn or games and demos for that matter. What the hell have a 3g version out then?

  2. Ok so the ipad has a 20mb data download cap too but somehow it gets away with netflix over 3g, wtf sony/netflix, get your s**t right

  3. i agree with psycho pigion . why on only wifi? 3g is more money no point in having The 3g service. sux flock!!!!!

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